From the Winx Club series comes PopPixie, a mix of comedy and adventure

PopPixie is a new TV series full of comedy, bizarre adventures and surreal situations, created between 2010 and 2011, and broadcasted worldwide with great results.

The series target audience varies: 5-9 years old kids, but also all the family.

With its contents and its adventures, the stories of PopPixie never fail to surprise the audience with funny and outlandish situations – the right amount of funny gags!

Thanks to a large variety of mini worlds, characters and to its iconic style, PopPixie offers great opportunities in licensing and product development. Its strong points include the collectability, the diversity of talents and professions, and its hilarious stories both for boys and girls. Over 115 licensees have bet on the brand from publishing to food, from toys to stationary, including fashion and accessories. From 2014, there will be a new and rich Toys line by Jakks Pacific, followed by a relative good Licensing plan.

In a faraway dimension, there is a strange place called Pixieville, where gnomes and magical animals live happily and peacefully with the Pixies their everyday life. But they are not alone: There are also the Elves, naughty creatures who are always ready to play tricks and cause problems, making Pixieville a very challenging place to live in!