Gladiators of Rome 3D

movie - Locandina Gladiatori di Roma 3D

Imperial Rome. Orphaned by the terrible Pompei’s eruption, young Timo is adopted by general Chiron and raised in the most famous Gladiators’ Academy in Rome. Is this the beginning of a great hero’s story? Not at all, Timo is not made to be a gladiator! He just wants to hang out with his friends, Ciccius and Mauritius, avoiding his stepfather’s bizarre training sessions!

However, everything changes when Lucilla, Chiron’s daughter, comes back from Greece. Now, Timo’s only interest is to become a brave gladiator in order to conquer his lovely childhood friend’s heart… and to persuade Chiron to accept him as her future husband. How can he possibly do that? Timo is desperate but, luckily, he meets the best personal trainer in Rome. With spells, crazy raids in the woods and terrible trainings with the charming Diana, will Timo succeed in his endeavour?

And if in Rome they say that “fortune favours the bold“…hard times are awaiting Timo!



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