Monster Allergy

Monsters are among us… and only Zick can see them!

The episodes of “Monster Allergy” are a mix of comedy, horror and action, thanks to the cast of whimsical invisible monsters that live in the human world, and thanks to the great undertaking that will see Zick, our main character, committed in a series of exciting adventures and missions!

Zick’s story is apparently the story of a lonely boy, who suffers from some allergies that force him to often stay at home…but he will soon discover a big secret!

Everybody thinks he is a bit weird, because he says he sees invisible creatures around him… Only Elena, his best friend, believes in Zick, although she can’t see the monsters, and she will help him to best use his skills against a terrifying danger that threatens the world of monsters and the human world!

Above BigBurg city, invisible to normal people, there is the suspended city of Bibbur-si, the monsters invisible city, hooked into the highest skyscrapers: Bobaks, Bombis, Gingis, Snyakutzs, Bollis and many other species of monsters have always been living peacefully among us, without anybody knowing…

But Magnacat, a powerful shapeshifter monster from the Gorkas species, as powerful just as evil, wants to conquer Bibbur-si with an army of monsters at his service, thanks to his terrible mental-control powers!

During the “Monster Allergy” series, among exciting adventures and dramatic twists, Zick will gradually discover his special powers, the Dom-Powers, and he will learn the technique to trap evil monsters in special containers, the DomBoxes; he will eventually become an experienced and dreaded monsters Tamer, managing to defeat not only Magnacat, but even a series of new fearful monsters such as Moog Magister, the lord of the Anguane Witches, and Hector Sinistro, an evil monsters tamer with two left hands!