Iginio Straffi is the Founder and President of Rainbow Group, headquarter in Le Marche region, Italy. Rainbow is the largest and leading animation studio in Europe, well known for its world famous TV show entitled “ Winx Club”.

Straffi passion and artistic talent in comics writing and drawing was evident at a young age while he was still in University when he was talent scouted by Italy leading and most prestige comics publishing house, ‘Sergio Bonelli Editore’ in Milan. He was hired as lead creative artist for its well-known comics story Nick Raider’, making him the youngest artist then to hold such a responsibility for Sergio Bonelli.

Very quickly, Straffi’s talented works lands him on many TV and Movies projects for various animation studios around Europe.
In 1995, Straffi decided to move back to Italy, where in his native region, Le Marche, he established a small animation studio, Rainbow. In just over 10 years, under Straffi’s visionary leadership, Rainbow rapidly grows into an international entertainment Group consisting 10 companies from TV and Movie studio to Animation Academy to Publishing House to Digital Game Studio to Themeparks and Recreation business.

Straffi creates and directs Rainbow key and most successful TV and Movie. His most successful creation, Winx Club, was first telecast in 2004 and instantly become a worldwide phenomenal TV show for kids 4-10. The show is now broadcasted in over 150 countries reaching over 100 million audiences every month. He has also directed 3 CGI movies , Winx “The Secret of the Lost Kingdom” (2007), “ The Magic Adventure” in 3D (2010) and the latest in production “ The Mystery of the Abyss” (2014).

Today Winx Club has grown from a TV show into a household brand in Europe among girls, boasting a brand awareness of over 90% in most countries. There are over 6000 different products from Toys to apparels bearing the WinxClub brand at retail. Its tremendous success has helped put Rainbow on the World Leading Licensor ranking position 12.

Straffi is also the artistic genius behind other Rainbow worldwide TV success such as Huntik, PopPixie, Monster Allergy, Tommy & Oscar, Mia and Me, just to name a few key TV shows that are currently top ratings shows broadcasting globally.

Today, Straffi is busy making movies and has just recently released the 1st 3D sterophic movie produced entirely in Italy, ‘ The Gladiators of Rome’ which has grossed over USD 50 million internationally so far making it one of the most successful 3D animated movies from Europe.

“I grew up in a wonderful land near the Sibillini Mountains, where a child had unlimited spaces to free his imagination. If I think back at my childhood, I can still feel the excitement of adventure, the pleasure of listening to stories and telling stories, my desire to stop time through writing and drawing. I was lucky enough to see my childhood dreams come true and I hope that my story can inspire all children to never stop dreaming.”