Tommy & Oscar

A mix of adventure and gags, for an educational and entertaining product for all the family!

Oscar is an adorable and bizarre alien coming from Pianota, the planet of Music: after a breakdown of his ship, he is forced to land on the Earth. There, he becomes friend with a smart and active kid called Tommy and together they’ll live exciting adventures all around the world, from Europe to China, to solve mysteries and save people in danger.

Brave and charismatic, Tommy is a 10 years old boy, who, for each mission, gets a series of ultra-technological gadgets (such as his flying jacket, for example) from his uncle inventor, Professor Leonard. Oscar, nice and curious, is an alien that not only loves to stuff himself with musical notes, but he can also transform into anything.

Together with their friends Yukari and Peter, and the unique Professor Leonard, Tommy and Oscar will be able to thwart the plans of the evil Caesar, a ruthless tycoon, and of the terrible Decibel, a being coming from space.