Winx Club – The Secret of the Lost Kingdom

movie – Locandina Il segreto del Regno perduto
Sixteen years ago, the most powerful warrior wizards of the Magic Dimension sacrificed themselves to fight absolute evil. Now the destiny of a kingdom is in the hands of a girl: Bloom, the fairy of the Dragon Flame.

Always together with her Winx Club friends, Bloom will have to face the biggest challenge: venturing into the depths of the dark dimension and fight the absolute evil in order to bring back to life her parents and finally disclose the mystery about her origins.

Will Bloom, Flora, Stella, Aisha, Musa and Tecna manage to defeat the most terrifying nightmare creatures and find the last king of Domino? And will Bloom be able to save the lost kingdom and to finally become the Princess of Domino?

The entire future of the Magic Dimension is based on the outcome of this fight.